What Makes NuVision Promotions Stand Out

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About NuVision Promotions

Established in Calgary in 2018 and Nanaimo in August of 2020, we are a direct marketing company specializing in face-to-face methods. We build interactive campaigns that intrigue and attract potential customers and also offer entry-level job opportunities to enterprising individuals in the always exciting field of marketing and promotion. 

Over the past year that we have been at this location, we have matured as a business and adjusted our process to suit current pandemic conditions. We have also added twelve highly competent and professional employees to our already multicultural team.

Our marketing expertise and in-depth knowledge of the best ways to promote new and existing products and services are available to businesses across Vancouver Island.

The NuVision Promotions Difference

At NuVision Promotions, one aspect that has made us second to none is and rapidly helped us consolidate our position as a leader in our field is the fact we have made it through the pandemic unscathed and generally been able to function efficiently, remaining both relevant and open.

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is our dedication to teamwork and determination to be the best marketing firm in the business. As an emerging firm, we endeavor to create a world-class team that dares to think creatively and readily takes on any challenge that comes their way. Our concentration on offering all our recruits adequate training and the support and trust they need to grow and develop has also helped us succeed in every project we take on. Similarly, our energy, team atmosphere, and the exciting way we operate make our employees jump out of bed each morning, with a sense of possibility and a drive that lasts all day.

One of our most significant achievements has been the growth of our team and client list, along with the fact the Breast Cancer Society of Canada has recognized us for having the top fundraisers in the country for three months during the winter.

Our dream for the future is to expand to new markets and to continue to offer our existing clients the reach and visibility they deserve. 

While we are passionate about what we do, we also care about protecting the environment. To save our forests for future generations and protect the natural resources we have left, we avoid using paper in our business and recycle whatever we can.

We also believe in giving back to society and, as part of that belief, hope to work with other causes and charities like the Breast Cancer Society of Canada to raise awareness and support for their missions. 

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